Scam Warning — Text Messages Masquerading as Pastor Amy

Unfortunately, we were made aware that a scammer has been asking for gift cards or a favor using Pastor Amy’s name. They have been sending text messages in which they ask you to buy the gift cards and then send them the barcode for the gift card. As a reminder, Pastor Amy has not given out her cell phone number, so you will not be receiving text messages from her.

If you ever question the legitimacy of a text or an email from a staff member or something that just doesn’t seem quite right — please call the church office to verify.

Though our church is blessed to have members who are generous with their time, talent, and treasure, the staff takes great care to be specific in our communications if we are asking for assistance with a ministry in the church, so vague texts and emails are a good signal that it is fraudulent. In addition, we will NEVER ask you to purchase gift cards and send us the numbers electronically. When in doubt, verify by contacting us directly.

We don’t know why people do these kinds of things. It is frustrating and takes away from the real good that can be done. Thanks for your vigilance and care, friends.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.